How to Be More in the Moment in an Instant

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We live in a world filled with distractions.
They come at us from all sides, and continuously throw us out of the moment.
Whether it's an e-mail, checking twitter, small fires coming up at work, TV and its endless commercials, billboards, cars honking their horns, people being rude or the phone ringing at the exact wrong time, we are constantly bombarded with interruptions and little things attempting to sap our attention.
Unfortunately, being able to sink totally into the moment and be totally present is one of the major keys of happiness.
Thankfully, you can drop into the moment pretty quickly.
One of the best ways to sink into the moment is to observe someone else who is really good at sinking into the moment.
All of us know one or two people who are just excellent at narrowing their focus and shutting out the outside world, regardless of what's going on around them.
For instance, I have a friend who is a really champion deep reader.
When he gets into a book, it doesn't matter what's going on around him.
You can call his name a hundred times, you can explicitly talk about him while you're in the room with him- anything short of walking over and shaking him, or yelling directly at him loudly, just won't break his focus.
Of course, while adults can be good at sinking into the moment, no one is better at being present then children.
They just have a special magic ability to become completely absorbed by the work or play they are doing.
The same is true for animals, especially cats, who don't seem to care about much of anything except what they are currently focused on (which is sleep 9 times out of 10).
By observing someone who is completely present you absorb a little bit of their energy.
Not only can you purposefully adopt their behaviors and observe how they sink into the moment, but simply being with and around them while they are absorbed in the present has a calming effect, like their presence spreads over to affect you.
Daily, mundane tasks can be great ways to fall into the moment.
I'm a big fan of cleaning when I need to clear my head.
Whether it's sweeping, cleaning glass, polishing, doing minor repair work or cleaning the dishes, I can almost always find myself lost in the activity, miles away from the stress I was previously absorbed with.
In addition to cleaning, I find any and all food related activities to be great ways to fall into the moment.
At first I was mostly only able to become absorbed by food when I was eating it.
By focusing on all the smallest, most varied tastes and textures, closing my eyes and focusing totally on the meal, I was always able to leave the world behind.
Lately I've been practicing losing myself in the process of preparing food as well.
While I can't really focus on the taste of the food I am in the middle of producing, I can focus on the touch, the feel, the tactile textures, the way the food reacts to being cut and grated and prepared, the smells.
All these little moments and sensations are great ways to focus totally on the present.
However you choose to do it, you need to find those moments in every day where you can be totally present.
It'll make you a much, much happier and more satisfied person.

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