Picking Up Bad Habits - A Free For All!

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You may get the feeling that you have dodged the bad habits that others have, unless you spot yourself learning bad habits from others around you.
The people may not pass on their bad habits intentionally, but you get affected all the same.
There are chances that you learn bad habits from others like they eat.
In case you spend a lot of time with a person, you may start eating in the similar manner.
It is always easier to prepare one meal and share it.
It is always simpler to go to one restaurant to eat instead of two.
If that particular restaurant offers only greasy foods, chances are you end up ordering the dishes you normally wouldn't eat.
This way you are sure to pick up your friend's bad habit.
Smoking is another bad habit people easily pick up from others.
If you share the room with your smoker companion every evening, you slowly either get sick of it or get accustomed to it.
You may perhaps start enjoying it.
That is when there is a possibility that you pick up the bad habit.
Arguing with each other is a bad habit which quite a few partners get into in a relationship.
Your spouse may begin a brawl.
You may not want to get into an argument.
But your spouse might not let you walk out.
However, a fight starts and soon both are in it.
This may become a regular issue and thus turn into a bad habit.
In the office, sloppiness is very contagious.
If one team member is also careless with the weighty gear, his stance can pollute the attitude of rest of the workers.
Before you realize, they all are into bad habit of getting careless at work.
In case one worker gets into the bad habit of telling all he knows, the habit spreads.
If one gives out his pay, soon all will.
If one talks private organization business, the gossip will spread.
The bad habits can really get out of control.
In case you are in the habit proving yourself superior to others even when you are not, this habit can easily be picked up by others.
A person tells something he did, and you tell a better thing you did.
Somebody might follow you and try to one-up you.
This may go on endlessly.
Pessimism is another bad habit.
Pessimistic people always look at the negative side of all.
This can rub off to anyone spending a lot of time with them.
Such people can only think of bad things that can happen and before you realize you have been affected by this attitude.
You may be next one to predict doom in the future.
Of course, you can not hold the other person responsible for choice you make.
That is up to you.
If you want to evade bad habits of others, you can if you are determined.
Do not forget you need not always match up to those around you.

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