Living on the Edge

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People all around us want to live a full life and they are trying everything to have it.
Many of them found a new way to have an exciting and happy life: extreme sports or extreme adventures.
Almost each time you turn on your TV you see people doing all kind of dangerous and awkward things to have a unique and full life experience.
I call this "living on the edge".
They put in danger their own life for an unforgettable experience generated by the adrenaline surplus.
People around us are complaining that they are bored and that their life has no substance and thrill.
Especially young people like to do all kind of strange and dangerous things to get that feeling and also to prove themselves and others that they are special and their life is meaningful.
I'm rather a safe person and I try to avoid this kind of extreme experiences, but I want to tell you that since I've met Jesus Christ I'm living a wonderful and extraordinary experience called: walking by faith.
It is amazing how much peace, joy and satisfaction you get when you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
He is so wonderful and to know Him is more exciting than to jump from the tallest mountain without a parachute.
It is amazing to have the feeling that Peter had when he walked on the water.
In our daily walk with God we walk on the turbulent waters of today's life and we have peace and joy.
It is amazing to see what God can do with a weak and common person like me and you, it is amazing to look back in my life and see how many unbelievable accomplishments He granted me with.
My friend, if you really want to put your life on to get thrill, joy and happiness it is not worthy to loose it jumping without parachute or climbing without safety equipment, etc; but think about giving your life to Jesus and let Him show you what real happiness means.
Dedicate your life serving Him, walking by faith and dedicate yourself to serve others and have as a great reward their smile, their honest thank you and the rescuing of their soul.
Life is short anyway, don't try to make it shorter trying some awkward things that will be a benefit for nobody, but live your life with Jesus and for Jesus.

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