Security is for cadavers

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People spend most of their lives ankle-chained to the familiar.

They're kind of locked inside a way of thinking and acting that makes it impossible for them to solve most of their problems and reach most of their goals.

Just think of an area in your life where you know you need to do better. I don't know, you're may be shy and want to become able to enjoy more self confidence or want to become a better conversationalist. You're maybe overweight and want to start a diet or start exercising to have a better body. Or maybe you want to kick a habit.....

Think of anything that makes you feel stuck.

Now let me ask you a question: "why is it that you're still struggling with that particular thing?"

Is it the lack of information?

Well, if that's what you think, then let me assure you that you can find any amount of information you need about any particular topic.

Isn't it rather the fear of discomfort and disappointment?

Isn't it the anxiety that comes naturally with any attempt to do something that's outside the realm of what you are used to do?

See, I don't want to burst your bubble here, but the truth is that nothing worthwhile will ever happen in your life as long as you are not moving outside your comfort zone.

It's by getting yourself used to pushing the envelop each and every day that you can get better at all those areas of your life where you need to do more.

It's the way you handle that fear and that anxiety that makes all the difference.

Just look around you, and you'll see people who choose (if we can call that a choice) to be living alone simply because they've judged for themselves that they're not the kind of person who can start a relationship or sustain a conversation.

You'll see people who just give up to their shyness because they don't want to feel awkward talking to people.

You'll see people who'd rather die than talk to a stranger.

And despite all the problems they're suffering because of these behaviours, they judge that it's "safer" for them to keep away from any situation that can cause them to feel awkward or uncomfortable.

It's safer to be overweight than to endure the pain and frustration that comes with dieting even when it is just a temporary pain and frustration.

It's safer to stay away from any discussion instead of getting stuck in the middle of a conversation even knowing that making mistakes is a part of learning.

In other words they choose perpetual stagnation rather than the temporary discomfort that's a natural part of any attempt to change.

As Bob Parsons puts it: "Security is for cadavers". So don't fool yourself into thinking that by allowing your fear to control you you will be safe from discomfort and from pain.

As long as you are alive, life will keep throwing challenges your way. You'd better get ready.

You'd better get ready to learn all there is to learn and endure all there is to endure to become a better person each new day and to live life to its fullest.


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