Staying On The Fast Track To Success

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When you first set a goal its pretty easy to stay on track. Youve got a plan, youre working the plan and your motivation is strong.

As time goes on, however, there exists the possibility of losing steam and getting off-track. In order to develop the momentum and stamina required to achieve your goals, there are several qualities youll need to work on:

1)Belief. It is absolutely crucial that you believe in what youre doing. This is easy at the beginning because youre focused on what you stand to gain from achieving your goal. As time goes on, you may gradually forget how excited you were and start to lose that inner fire.

To avoid this possibility, be sure to keep your vision strong and clear in your mind. Write it out in full detail, or create a visual reminder with drawings, paintings or magazine photos that represent your goals. Revisit these reminders frequently.

2)Confidence. Your confidence may be strong at the start but it can quickly fade when you encounter obstacles or setbacks. If this happens, remember that you once believed that you had the ability to achieve your goal. Remind yourself why you felt that way.

In fact, you may find it helpful to write these reasons down when you first set a goal, and then keep reading them back to yourself when you feel your confidence start to wane. Remind yourself that obstacles and setbacks are temporary, but a solid belief in yourself is enough to propel you through them.

3)Determination. Believing in your goal and your ability to achieve it is a great start, but you also have to be determined to make it happen!

Keep your determination strong by refusing to be held back by obstacles, and reminding yourself daily how important your goals are to you. Determination is like an ember that burns in your belly, refusing to let you give up no matter how rough the going gets.

4)Motivation. Staying motivated can also be a challenge, especially once the newness and excitement of your goals have worn off and its beginning to feel like work.

Nine times out of ten, motivation requires a simple decision to stay optimistic and inspired. Find ways to keep your motivation high if your goal is truly important. Read books by people who have achieved impressive results. Talk to other successful people who have demonstrated tenacity and gone on to achieve much. The more you pump yourself up, the stronger your motivation will stay.

5)Awareness. Finally, stay on the lookout for any signs of self-sabotage or waning interest. If you notice that youre acting in ways that dont further your goals, get to the root of the problem quickly so you can get back on track.

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