Spirituality and the Law of Attraction

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When I was younger, like most kids was told by everyone around me what I should believe and think.
Did you ever wonder when a preacher is giving a sermon about Heaven and Hell, how does he know, he is not dead yet? I did and quite often.
As I grew older and experienced more and more of life I realised that often people often blame external forces beyond their control for the reasons why they have never been able to achieve much, or as to why they are in the uncomfortable situations that they find themselves in.
You see the common misunderstanding most people have of spirituality is that they believe that God is some almighty person up there that will strike them down.
Since I have discovered the Law of Attraction and more recently Source Energy I now know that the exact opposite is true.
You see I now have absolute proof, since I realised that a life of my own design is possible and that we are all connected through source.
I no longer wish and hope, but rather demand a better life for myself.
You may say that this way of thinking is rather selfish, but have you ever thought of it this way: How can you help others, or love, or be loved when you do not love and respect yourself? The true source and power of creation is in each and all of us and should be used.
Sadly though most people go through life as a victim, because they hold in their minds the victim mentality.
Some of the most successful people I have studied, and I mean both material wealth and the wealth of happiness, love and joy, have come from places of extreme poverty or ill-health.
These great beings are not lucky, they have made their own luck by recognising the God within.
Now I am not saying that any religion is wrong or right, but I would like to put this one last thought to you.
Next time you see yourself beginning to pray out of despair, instead pray with gratitude and be thankful for all the good things you have.

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