Life or Livelihood

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Be the change or prepare to deal with the change that should be the choice for developing individuals.
Survival of the fittest used to be the theme, but today it has been replaced by survival of the wisest.
"Wisdom rules the roost," this is something which has a separate realm of existence, it can't be confined to the silo of facts, figures, logic and fundamentals, it resides inside a person, but one has to delve deep into it.
And here comes the role of life skills.
Life skills have been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as "abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life".
The subject must be first of all ready to give a person the required time to explore the so called unexplored territory.
He should envision the detached self which could become the starting point for this very journey.
I believe that the current education system is well adept to impart the necessary hard skills to the students for enabling them to earn livelihood.
Now the question arises what is the chance that the individual will be able to retain the livelihood keeping in mind the challenges put forth by the current scenario of cut throat competition inside and outside the organization? This breeds hardship for the individual to find himself in a situation where he is perplexed as to where to make an inroad.
And that is why life skills education plays a crucial role by exploring themselves and to know themselves better by establishing a connection between the fundamentals of life skills as underlined by WHO, i.
Self-Awareness, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Relationship, Effective Communication, Empathy, Managing Emotion, and Coping with Stress.
As I said a student who is well taught is capable of earning a livelihood, but life skills education enables him not only to maintain the livelihood, but also to align himself with the requirements of his responsibilities in professional and personal front.
Life skills help by generating a sense of satisfaction, better understanding of self, organization and family eventually invoke to evolve him as contributing member of the society.
He plays a significant role in changing the lives of people in general.
But for all this to occur he needs a great deal of time and effort.
Time has come where we should think for the integrated development of the student who in himself carries a great deal of significance to the organization he works for or for the life he lives for.
Difficulty dealing with life is symbolized at a point where an individual reacts as "I know, but I can't help it.
" This situation crops up from disconnect between knowledge, attitude and skills.
It is a curse of current ideological beliefs, dogmas and societal conditioning he has got during his formative years.
This thing is noticeable that an individual seeking admission to a course has already gained knowledge somewhere, acquired skills, but even then he is not able to combine all the things together to emerge out of this utter helplessness.
Life skills education if imparted at this very crucial juncture could prove to be a boon to drive him from darkness to light, i.
Tamsoma Jyotiragamya! Life skills education invites developing individuals to work backwardly, first apply brakes to current motion, take a halt, observe one-self better, know oneself to the fullest and at last recalculate the speed at which he was moving, realign the direction of his movement to his goals (if needed), thus establishing a fresh comparison of his last line of action and the new one.
The re-calibrated approach which saddles him correctly, enables him to take reigns in his own hands provide him with the right and apt drive to reach his goals in all spheres of lives- professional, personal and spiritual.
An extended link in further enlightenment in the society is this re-created human being which itself is a great service to the nature as a whole.
Life skills education offers platform for students and professionals to explore the zenith of treasure called Human Potential.
I believe that you are what you are, only addition anyone can make is to enable you discover yourself.
The method of experiential learning in Life Skills Education is a comprehensive understanding of one's real self which clarifies further the ways in which to deal with any sudden and slow fluctuation amicably, intelligently and assertively.
Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Values will help any individual to evolve into organized and more responsible citizen of our nation.
Management of schools and colleges should come forward and give strong emphasis to add Life skills education program along with the normal academic curriculum for helping each growing and developing individuals for shining and prospering tomorrow.
They just not focus on livelihood aspect, but should also give much more attention to the fuel of livelihood that is life skills.
Life or Livelihood is not a separate entity either, but both complement each other.
Only livelihood and no life are as difficult as only life and no livelihood.
So, every developing individual should try to connect life and livelihood through the revolutionary concept of Life skills education for better and healthy future.

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