3 Easy Steps To Unlock The Passion That Is Missing In Your Work

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Being a professional in any industry starts with your passion for your work.
If you love what you do, that energy shines through to all of the people that surround you.
Most importantly, your clients automatically pick up on the positive aura that surrounds you like a glowing ring of goodness.
Believe me, that is half the battle in establishing trust and rapport which lead to greater sales success.
I remember one of the greatest experiences that I had with a professional who lived by this paradigm.
My geology professor at Southwestern Oregon Community College was the great Don Stensland.
Don's claim to fame was that he was the single scientist who most closely predicted the eruption of Mount St.
Helens just north of the Columbia River in Washington.
He would tell us again and again how he had the only key given to a civilian to access the blast zone after the eruption.
This guy oozed excitement.
He LOVED rocks!It was a pleasure to go to class every day just to watch him get lost in his work.
There was nothing that he enjoyed more than bringing the power of geology and what that science meant to his young college students.
He was a treasure and is missed by students who have spread all over the globe.
In fact, you could say that he left a legacy of enthusiasm with anyone who came into his realm.
He even has a hall at the college named in his honor.
Please understand this very important point.
Don Stensland did not go without ridicule.
He was so focused within the geologic world, and became so immersed in what he loved, that other people sometimes snickered and sometimes pointed fingers at him as he didn't "fit in" in various ways with the daily culture of college life.
Being passionate about something doesn't always mean life is easy.
Sometimes you have to deal with the detractors while you are sharing your passion with the world.
If more people were like Don Stensland the world would be a more joyful place.
I saw this video as I was doing some research for a logo and it was awesome.
It shows the idea of passion perfectly.
Believe me..
this guy is in his own world and doesn't care what anyone thinks of him.
My wish for you is that you find that one thing that you can get lost in and enjoy every minute of it! Here are three ways that you can engage the passion for what you do and display it to the world: 1.
Think about the times when you are most focused and excited about your profession.
What are the elements of your work that you most look forward to?Take a few uninterrupted minutes and really concentrate on what those things are and write them down.
Let your mind connect the things that you enjoy through the activity of writing.
This helps to cement the positive feelings into your subconscious.
As you read through these positive and exciting areas of your work, think of ways that you can begin to focus more of your time on these specific areas of your business and hand off or delegate the other areas which don't fall into your passion.
As an example, if you are small business owner and really enjoy the consultations that you have with potential customers, but you don't enjoy creating billing statements or balancing your business checkbook, pass those tasks on to a bookkeeper or a virtual assistant.
Even though there is a cost to hiring these items out, if you focus on your passion you will create much greater cash flow and success in your business.
Make a list of the top three areas of your High Passion Activities and post it in an area that you can review multiple times every day.
Ask yourself "Am I operating in my area of passion?", and if not, then look for ways to team up with other staff members, employees, or contractors to pass tasks to people who are passionate about that type of work.
The more you focus your energy on the things that feed you, the more productivity you will experience in you work and personal life.

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