A Litmus Test for Truth

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Within your spiritual growth is the secret to your truth.
It is important for you to know and understand what is true to you because the law of attraction tells us that you bring into your life that which you put your attention on so you want to put your attention on your truth.
This is not a question of religion but more a question of spirituality information that is the secret to your inner peace.
Wow! Inner Peace.
Think about it.
Put your attention on it.
Be careful because this is powerful stuff.
Remember, we bring into our thinking what we put our attention on.
It is such a wonderful concept, but is it attainable? Of course it is.
Whatever man can conceive, man can achieve.
Do you believe that? If you live within the paradigm of separateness, you may not believe that.
If you live within the paradigm of oneness you not only believe it, you know it.
And, ladies and gentlemen, when you know something to be true you are way ahead in the creation process because a knowing eliminates doubt.
So what would cause us to take on a new belief system? How could we prove to ourselves that these promises that are held out to us are actually attainable? What tools can we use, that are with us at all times, to determine if everything we believed in our whole lives has been beneficial to us? We have determined that our experiences are the great arbiters of our own truths but we have also explored this idea that the truth that we experience is influenced by our basic belief system.
If your basic belief system is one of separation, you will see the truth of your experience from the perspective of separateness and fear.
If your basic belief system is one of oneness, then you will see the truth of your experience from the perspective of oneness and love.
Which is the true truth? Let us apply a test to determine what is true for us and will ultimately help us in our evolution.
This test is simple to use and is with us at all times, so we don't need to go outside of ourselves in order to tap into and use it.
This test is a superb litmus test for truth and is available to you on a moment's notice.
You merely go within yourself and see how something feels to you.
Use your nonphysical sense of feeling to determine if something has the ring of truth to it.
Our feelings do not lie to us but unfortunately they can fool us if we misuse this guide by going to great depths to analyze why we feel a particular way towards something.
When you begin to analyze your feelings, then you are allowing space for the ego to enter the picture and this influences everything that comes after it.
What is more true to us is our initial feeling about something.
When we make a choice about something and move toward that experience how do we feel right then? Before you have had a chance to second-guess yourself, how do you feel about your choice? Just let the feeling be there.
It is already there.
Now, just feel it.
A positive feeling of calm and comfort tells you one thing, and a negative feeling of anxiety and apprehension tells you another thing.
Grab this feeling before you start rationalizing.
Act before you think.
Rationalizing throws the equation into a mix that takes your initial feeling and scrambles it so it is not trustworthy anymore.
Develop this ability you possess to check your feelings when you make choices.
Consciously ask yourself how you feel about something.
You can do this about any choice.
How do you feel about the choice to eat a fast-food cardboard burger verses how you feel to eat a fresh apple off the tree? How do you feel about staying in a job that you hate just because it pays you well and you are familiar with it, versus the feeling of spending your productive time in an occupation that would allow you to do what you love to do, but for less pay and is unknown to you? What feels better to you just reading about it? On face value, the apple and the unknown just seem to feel better to me.
If I analyze and rationalized, I could see benefits to both arguments.
You could feel differently if you spent some time trying to make things fit into your current belief systems.
Don't do that.
Go with your initial feeling.

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