Three Ways to Turn Adversities into Adventures

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We're in Thailand, and it's absolutely amazing! To travel to faraway adventurous and exotic places with our family of seven is a long-cherished dream come true.

We'd never thought it would happen until one day we let go of plenty of excuses not to do it.

Have you ever experienced that when you leave your safety zone, it isn't as scary as you think?

That, in fact, it's easier to connect to the "brave and real you" because your authentic self doesn't have fear?

Like sitting with a tiger in your lap?

Going after your dreams means mastering your mind when you stumble upon roadblocks. Your attitude matters if you want to stay upbeat and inspired €when the going gets tough.€

I'd like to use some of the roadblocks we encountered as examples of how to turn adversities into adventures.

1. Be open to and okay with delays.

Delays are a part of the divine timing of the Universe. The Universe knows exactly what is best for you.

It took us 36 hours to get from Boston to Bangkok. We were stranded in Japan because our flight was delayed. Because of that, we experienced a nightly dinner in Tokyo, which was a delightful present we wouldn't have wanted to miss for anything in the world.

2. You're always in the right place at the right time, even if you think you're not.

Just go with the flow and see what happens! The Universe always has a better plan.

One day we decided to visit the Grand Palace, but when we arrived they told us, since it was Sunday, we were late and they couldn't allow us in. As we were debating what to do, a guard walked up to us and arranged two Tuk Tuks (Thai means of transportation) for us. He then gave us a map, circled five spots, and told us that this was the best plan for us. We went with the flow, but we had no clue where we were going. It was the funniest and fastest ride ever. They toured us all around the most beautiful temples. And since it was a special celebration day, we only had to pay $3.00 for the whole family.

3. You can feel lost and alone at any given time.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel, but don't back off from pursuing your dream. There are moments that you'll feel disconnected from the source that fuels you. That's normal. In those moments, you need to reconnect to a higher power: God, the Universe, the Source, or Buddha.

While waiting for hours at a busy train station in Bangkok, a feeling of sadness and disconnection swept over me. I suddenly realized that I had missed my morning meditations. In fact, because we were traveling, I had skipped them for several days. Then I noticed a big Buddha statue right behind us. I knelt down, let go of my worries and started to pray for world peace and happiness.

A man behind us (who had watched me pray) handed me flowers and water to offer to the Buddha. The most deep and profound feeling of inner peace and love overwhelmed me. Never before have I experienced anything like this. This pure feeling of connection to a greater power has stayed with me ever since. It changed my life, as simple as that sounds.

Who knew that no matter where you are in the world, you have access to inner peace and love if you connect to a greater power and focus away from the struggles of your small self.

Your dream is worth it! No matter how far away your destiny is, you have to pursue, plan, and trust that your Soul is your tour guide. And if you learn to move through the roadblocks with ease and grace, anything is possible!

What dream would you chase if you freed your inner tiger?

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