Looking Back on My Life

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As I look back on my life, I can tell you that it hasn't always been easy.
I remember days that were extremely trying, but there has always been one thing that has pulled me through, that special something that has contributed greatly to my success in life, and in sales.
Any success in life begins with passion and enthusiasm.
Ask me about what I do, and chances are you'll see a smile break across my face.
I absolutely love it.
What about you? Do you wake up in the morning passionate about what the day will bring? Do you see every obstacle as a new opportunity? If not, you really should consider looking at another line of work.
But, if you have the passion, you can transform it into reason.
That reason, in turn can become drive, a force that can propel you into a world of success.
Like I have said to many people - "When your reason is strong, everything becomes easier.
" But passion, reason and drive are not enough.
Your motives may be strong, but if you don't act, all that enthusiasm will be wasted.
Acts follow the law of sowing and reaping.
Think about this truth.
You will reap or gain, exactly what you sow in life.
A person is a success simply because he has made the effort and put in the time behind the plow to become a success.
I have probably made more sales calls over my lifetime than anyone else.
It's not a matter of me wanting to brag or even to win some phantom competition- rather I am trying to illustrate a point.
The only reason that I have any success in my life is because I have made the commitment to sow as many seeds and as many opportunities as I can.
And there is absolutely nothing, and I do mean nothing, stopping you from doing the same thing.
In the first chapters of Genesis, God said, "Let there be light" and there was light.
For six days, God spoke, and whatever words issued from his lips happened here on earth.
Then something strange happened.
In Genesis Chapter 2:8 it reads "The Lord planted a garden eastward in Eden.
" Think about that for a moment.
Why didn't he just speak the garden into existence? He certainly could have- he had done it before.
Perhaps he was trying to reveal something to me and to us in general.
Whatever His reason for planting the garden, one thing really inspired me.
That mere act of planting a few seeds produced one of the most beautiful gardens that the world had ever seen.
So why couldn't I or someone like you plant a few seeds with a few phone calls and make something truly beautiful as well? How many seeds have you planted today?

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