Create Your Better Life By Practicing Self Discipline

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When you hear the world discipline, what comes to mind? Is it the sore legs from being smacked as a small child? Maybe you have spent some time in the military and recall the discipline standards there.
Well, I am not talking about those external sources of discipline.
Rather I am talking about self discipline, that which comes from within, where there is no threat of punishment as an incentive to comply.
Self discipline in its basic form is simply 'doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and enjoying the outcome.
' The essence of self discipline is delayed gratification, which put another way means, where necessary, putting off the things you really enjoy doing until you have completed the things you really need to do.
Delayed gratification is not all that common in this day and age where you can get pretty well anything you want if not instantly, at least very quickly.
As a result, people tend to pamper to their whims.
I feel like..
so I will do it, or have it now and ignore the consequences.
That is rather a short-term perspective on life.
Perhaps the best example of that mindset is the availability of credit.
You can charge things to your credit card so easily that it becomes a trap for many people.
They see something that takes their fancy.
Rather than working through whether or not they can afford it they put it on their credit card with little thought whatsoever.
If they do that often enough they soon find themselves deeply in debt.
Rather than developing a plan to pay off that debt as quickly as possible, one of the options often used to transfer the balance to another card with a higher credit limit and lower interest charges.
That only tends to increase the problem, because rather than using the time they have gained to reduce the amount of debt they have, they continue to buy on impulse and the cycle repeats itself.
If you have any notion of having a better life, the last thing you really want to have is an increasing debt burden that attracts incredible rates of interest every month.
Yet many people continue to spend more than they earn month after month, year after year and end up hopelessly in debt.
That, in itself is bad enough, but the real killer of ever having a better life is in the mindset of those people who want everything now.
A better life, by its very nature is something towards which you strive, a goal that you gradually achieve.
It is in working towards your idea of a better life that you grow into the person who can make the most of what your better life can provide.
If your version of a better life is something you can have right now then you are in one of two situations Either you have already achieved your idea of a better life, or you notion of a better life is not really all that great.
Chances are, if you have any concept at all of having a better life, it is quite different from what you are experiencing now.
Know for a fact being distracted by whims and impulses will take you in every direction but the one that leads you to your better life.
So, do what has to be done, when it needs to be done and don't worry about the rewards.
There will be plenty of those when you achieve your better life.

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