Keeping the Important the Priority

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Every year it seems as though people get the energy to do what's good for them when it's popular to do so.
Think hopeless New Year's resolutions.
This is when many people take a step back to reflect on the year, life, and generalities of what might lie ahead in the future.
I do this, not just around New Years, but I've gone overboard with the New Years resolutions in the past.
The point, by reflecting on the things you deem uniquely important to your life - you are doing a great and positive thing for yourself.
It should happen more often than once per year when it's the popular thing to do! Life has it's ups and downs.
And by reflecting on the things that are important to you - mixed with a little consistency - some of those downs are going to be ups by this time next year.
When you are in a rut, you're going to handle it better and have the ability to turn it into a positive.
So what the hell am I getting at? Reflect on your life.
What are the things you want to stop doing? What are the things you want to get better at? And what are the things you want to start doing? Whatever those things are - find something you can commit to relative to tracking your progress.
For me, I've been using Google Docs.
I have a spreadsheet that I use to track all kinds of things - I have over ten worksheets in one document that I update about once per day.
Some of my sheets are in regards to such things like finances, birthdays to remember, books to read, car maintenance, working out, etc.
Sometimes only one gets updated, sometimes several, or sometimes life gets in the way and a couple days might go by before I have a chance to update.
Let's face it.
If you don't track what it is that is important to you - how do you know if you are closing in on a goal, or doing what it is that you've placed importance upon? From personal experience, I've learned that capturing all of the information that is important to you in one place can increase your capacity to do more and gain vision.
I've always been good at expressing my desire to do this or do that, but too often I say it and then I don't do anything about it.
So, creating a means of fulfilling my word and being able to tangibly see my progress has been a big plus for me.
It's given me great momentum for 2011.
What can you do to give yourself great momentum in this New Year?

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