Can We Teach Creativity? Part 2

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From part one we understand that we cannot really teach it, what we do is help people rediscover it in them selves.
Getting people to unlearn what keeps them from being creative.
Some of the things to keep in mind are this, it is okay to make mistakes, how do we learn if we don't make mistakes? You have permission to fail.
Letting go of conformity, well that takes a while to do, but it can be done, be patient and allow it to happen.
So who is creative? Well creative people come from all walks of life.
Here are some examples.
A creative businessman is an entrepreneur, A creative engineer is an inventor A creative seamstress is a designer A creative painter is an artist a few examples.
Creative people have traits that stand out for most to see, such as these.
Creative people are bold.
They take action, they push beyond around or through the wall, they are different from others in society but do not mind being different, they are playful.
They do not play by the rules, they are adventurous, and have trouble being accurate, punctual and proper.
They are funny, spontaneous, and very independent, they are enthusiastic, responsive, and they are passionate and driven.
They are not content with the obvious, mundane, mediocre, and cliché, most know when to let go and how to do it, they are patient, don't mind being lost, or ambiguous.
They have faith, after all being creative requires faith, and they have courage, being creative also requires concentration and the ability to focus, your energy on a single purpose.
That is a partial list of course, how many did you check? If you are not as creative as you would like here are some ideas to help you.
Keep working each day at what you love to do, so that when the winds of inspiration come to you, you will already be doing what you love.
Clearing the mind is another good idea; use meditation if you have to.
Get rid of all the distractions you have, so as to keep you more focused.
Focus and concentrate on one thing at a time.
Make a list of what you must do, and then write down what you want to accomplish that day and then forget the rest.
Above all be true to your creative spirit.
How creative are you? How many creative traits do you identify with on the list? We cannot teach creativity but you can learn to unlearn the things that keep you from being creative.

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