Brain Training Part 5 of 5 - Why Bother?

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Are you ready to reprogram for your primary gain? I will again be using my pattern as the example for this article.
Now after reading my previous articles you should be aware of the deprogramming process consisting of knowing what your pattern is and the reason you do it and if it works or not.
Assuming you have found a pattern that does not work and to clarify what did not work about my pattern is that I knew I was being proactive in moving towards my want and that by doing this pattern it cause me to lose motivation and be less proactive in moving towards my wants.
My belief is that you are the only person that can determine whether a pattern works for you or not.
Now it is simply about creating what you want to experience and you do this by simply pulling it out of thin air.
(Making it up) Here is what I did while in that self life coaching session in Cronulla.
I asked myself how I want to feel when I do not get what I want.
I know that I cannot always have what I want in the time frame I think I want it in and some things are simply out of my control.
As a result I want to feel happy because I know I am being faithful with what I am given.
I want to feel content that I am proactively helping myself and I want to feel harmonize that I know I am in the place in life I am meant to be in, for this time.
By reprogramming my pattern all I am doing is changing my responses to the situations that we are faced with in everyday life.
In doing this I have not changed my situation I have only changed my response to it.
In many cases we have the power to change the situation, get a new job, get a new car, and get a new husband or wife if we then find that in the new situation we feel the same then quite often that is because of how we responded to the situation.
I believe that both are equally as powerful to have the ability to change your situation and to change your reaction I believe it takes great wisdom and practice to know what is best to do at the time.
Life Coaching is the art of openly reflecting on you experience to learn and grow, whilst endlessly gaining more wisdom as we move through life.
I am a master craftsman and I take great joy and pleasure in helping others observe this masterpiece called life.

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